Ten Z models unveiled for 2024 season

As a fundamental brand family within the Kawasaki range, the Z dynasty traces its roots way back to 1972 and the world changing Super Four model Z1. For many, Z signifies a datum for naked motorcycles and the twelve machines just announced as part of the ongoing 2024 model unveil season underline Kawasaki’s dedication to the Z philosophy.

Heading up the Z dynasty in terms of performance are the unashamedly “in-your-face” Z H2 and Z H2 SE, Kawasaki’s unique Supercharged Hypernaked models. Famously launched at Las Vegas these bikes add go to show by thrilling riders with a unique-to-Kawasaki balanced supercharged engines. And whilst that amazing motor is at the core of these Z machines, there is a lot more to tell.

The Z H2’s advanced electronics package includes numerous electronic control systems such as traction control, cornering management and integrated braking, as well as an IMU that provides chassis orientation feedback to numerous rider aids. Electronic Cruise Control and a quick shifter further enhance riding convenience. Add Smartphone connectivity, Brembo calipers and a Sugomi styling package and the full colour TFT meter panel equipped Z H2 is built to impress. And, at the pinnacle, stands proudly, the SE model with Showa electronically damped suspension offering Skyhook stability and a level of state-of-the-art tech to match to incredible naked class leading performance. The 2024 colour of the Z H2 is an updated Metallic Carbon Gray/Ebony and Z H2 SE rocks the Metallic Matte Graphenesteel Gray/Ebony/Mirror Coated Black for another year. 

Understandably – thanks to its worldwide success story – there are no less than five Z900 models as part of the new season range in both Sugomi styled, Z stripped down aggressive looks and three RS models evoking their great grandfather, the Z1. 

Focussed as a true rider’s bike, the Z900 and range partner Z900 SE display unique Sugomi looks (with engineering and styling features balanced) plus the convenience of a 70kW option for those making their way up the Z ladder.

With all-LED lighting and colour TFT meters that can be linked to the rider’s Smartphone via the Kawasaki Rideology app, the Z900 and SE model feature integrated riding modes and power mode selection plus three modes of KTRC traction control. An assist and slipper clutch is featured on all Z900 models plus horizontal back-link rear suspension utilising technology found on Kawasaki WorldSBK machinery. 

For the SE model things move up a notch with its large-diameter gold-coloured inverted forks and an Öhlins S46 rear shock with remote pre-load adjuster. Braking is taken care of thanks to Brembo front M4.32 brake calipers plus Brembo disc rotors and stainless-steel braided lines.

Z900 and Z900 70kw colours for 2024 are an updated Metallic Spark Black/Metallic Matte Dark Gray while Ebony/Metallic Matte Graphenesteel Gray remains and a new colour way makes its debut in the form of Candy Persimmon Red/Ebony. For the SE an updated Metallic Spark Black/Metallic Matte Graphenesteel Gray/Candy Lime Green with a green frame will be available.

In the mid-capacity class, the A2 licence friendly Z650 punches hard with its tubular trellis type chassis mounting a durable and highly respected twin-cylinder water-cooled engine with great rider and passenger comfort and those sleek, aggressive Sugomi lines accentuated by a dramatic, angular cowl. Also enjoying three mode traction control and an assist and slipper clutch the Z650 is fun in both the city and the countryside and is available for 2024 in two new colours with one popular previous year colour remaining. Choices are, a new Pearl Storm Gray/Metallic Spark Black and Candy Persimmon Red/Ebony plus the known Metallic Matte Graphenesteel Gray completing the new season Z650 colour options.

The RS family has been a hit since day one and demand shows no sign of slowing thanks to the enthusiasm of riders for the authenticity of the 900 and 650 class machines. The A2 licence compliant Z650RS echoes the ground-breaking Z650-B1 of 1977 which promised larger capacity performance in a smaller physical package. The Z650RS echoes this with its modern retro styling, relaxed riding position and dual-dial instrumentation with multi-function LCD. The clever adoption of spoke style cast wheels adds to the looks package while the many styling clues to its Z heritage display the care and attention that has gone into the design of this compact twin-cylinder, trellis type frame equipped motorcycle. Colours for 2024 are all new and comprise Metallic Phantom Silver/Metallic Matte Carbon Gray, Ebony/Metallic Matte Carbon Gray, Candy Medium Red.

With the same 900 side panel badge style as the legendary Z1, the Z900RS and partner SE model head up Kawasaki retro-sport range for 2024. Timeless styling includes spoke-style wheels, teardrop tank and Z1-Inspired tail cowl and LED taillight. Featuring Kawasaki’s first tuned exhaust note, the 900 class RS models pack some serious muscle in their lightweight trellis frames employing assist and slipper clutch technology as well as three mode traction control plus Kawasaki Ergo-Fit accessory seat height accessory options to suit all rider heights. For 2024, the Z900RS is offered in two new colour ways being Candy Green and Metallic Diablo Black.

The 900RS SE is one of the most in demand machines currently in motorcycling and carries through to 2024 with the same base specification as the RS but adds Öhlins rear suspension offering increased ride comfort and Brembo front brakes comprising discs, calipers and pads contributing to even more precise control and greater ease of use. The much-praised Metallic Diablo Black “Yellow Ball” colour way will be available once more in 2024.

Finally for 2024, the entry level A1 licence class Z125 sits ready to tempt riders to two wheels with its learner friendly and robust 125cm3 4-stroke single cylinder engine, slick six-speed transmission plus Z Supernaked styling and ergonomics. All digital meters, a low seat option and Uni-trak rear suspension reveal how ready this machine is to please and deliver the wonders of powered two wheelers. Colours for 2024 will be the retention of Candy Lime Green/Metallic Spark Black plus a new colourway of Metallic Matte Graphenesteel Gray/Metallic Flat Spark Black.

With such breadth and depth in the 2024 Kawasaki Z range, there is a bike for all rider and licence qualification types. Each with their own personality yet each part of a family that can boast a 50 plus year heritage. To conjure up all that is good in the naked bike scene in 2024 just use one letter… Z.