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9 May 2019

Racer and father; the new life of Alessandro Lupino

For the second time this season Italian Alessandro Lupino will race a ‘home GP’ as the FIM Motocross World Championship returns to action from the Spring break at Mantova.

Four weeks after Arco di Trento, the championship restarts at Mantova after an unusually long break for the teams and riders, all of whom are excited to be back racing. The first part of the season culminated for Alessandro Lupino with a good result at Pietramurata as he claimed his career-best result since he entered the MXGP class five years ago with two top ten positions and a seventh overall. “Arco was a good round for me and Team Gebben Van Venrooy Kawasaki as the results were not really what we were expecting during the first few rounds. I had a small injury during the winter-time and that cost us valuable time setting up the new KX450; when you have a new bike many things can happen but we have now found the solutions,” explains the likeable Italian who loves his bike. “The new Kawasaki is really different; already the first time I rode it I was smiling under my helmet and each time I go out on the bike I have fun. It’s easier to ride; you can have so much fun on it.”
The private life of ‘Lupo’ has also changed during the last ten months as he’s now the proud father of a lovely little girl, Ludovica, who was born last July while he was racing in Indonesia. “It was crazy as the baby was born when the team and I were in Indonesia; when I came back home the baby was nearly one week old! It was pleasure to have her and my wife Federica alongside me at Pietramurata; it was a really good GP for me, and to share my good results with them was perfect,” he recalls. “The family will only come to the Italian GPs; it’s not easy but that’s life. The most difficult moments for me is when we are travelling and spend one or two days in airport or hotels far from home; if you have some training or racing activities that’s OK, but when you are just travelling it’s not so nice. Hopefully now with FaceTime I can share moments every day with my family.”
Life is different with a baby in the house but Alessandro and his wife have found solutions to each be able to focus on their job as a priority. “At the moment we have a babysitter as my wife is working in the mornings. The baby didn’t change anything in my professional life; we found good solutions. When I’m not testing or travelling I always go training in the morning, so I have time in the afternoon to share with the family. I do the same job as before and to be a father doesn’t change anything when I’m on a track. As soon as I put my helmet on I’m the same racer as before. The main difference is when I have a bad race or a bad moment; as soon as I see the baby it gives me positive adrenalin and takes my mind off thinking about what happened,” explains the happy father. “Before being a father when I had ten or fifteen minutes free it was for me; now that time is devoted to the baby and it seems that the times goes faster! It’s really nice to have a baby; I wasn’t expecting that really but now I realise all the efforts that any parent make for their kids! When you are a father you have to be patient; that’s so nice!”