Kawasaki WarrantyPlus Select

The Kawasaki WarrantyPlus Select Used Approved Scheme provides the reassurance that you’ve purchased a quality pre-owned motorcycle. All WarrantyPlus Select motorcycles undergo rigorous inspection of both the machine and its history.

They are also supplied with a minimum of 12 months WarrantyPlus manufacturer backed warranty cover. In addition, the option to purchase a further 12 months cover, providing a unique 24 months manufacturer backed warranty, is also available. Your dealer can provide you with the details and price.

Kawasaki WarrantyPlus Select provides peace of mind. WarrantyPlus Select bikes are individually selected and all are under 5 years old with less than 50,000km (30,000 miles) on the clock. 

The essential details

Check and re-check
All Kawasaki WarrantyPlus Select motorcycles are checked for technical condition and, where applicable, for any outstanding finance. Every machine is supplied with a full service history and displays a valid recorded mileage. Remember, buying a Kawasaki WarrantyPlus Select motorcycle is the closest thing to purchasing a new motorcycle. A fully checked and tested motorcycle, supplied with the unique and completely free manufacturer backed warranty - WarrantyPlus, assuring your complete satisfaction.

Full 41 point professional inspection
In addition to vehicle history and outstanding finance and recall checks, highly experienced Kawasaki technicians will carry out a full 41 point inspection of your machine before you take delivery. A copy of the signed check list and the certificate of WarrantyPlus cover will be provided at handover.

Mechanical checks
A full operational check of the engine, transmission, clutch and drive train plus checks on brakes, levers, cables, bearings, wheels and suspension.

Electrical and fluid checks
A check of all the lights, switches, and instrument displays. A check of battery condition and operation of any fitted accessories. Engine oil, coolant levels and brake fluids are also checked.

Chassis and Panel inspection
Checks on the frame and condition of bodywork.

Road Test
A full road test is carried out to ensure everything meets Kawasaki's high standards.