29 June 2012 Victories for Boog and Jaulin in round 4 of the ADAC MX Masters

Round four of the ADAC MX Masters series was held at Aichwald. The race is one of the most popular Motocross events in Germany.
Xavier Boog returned to compete for a second time after his win at the opener. The French Grand Prix ace made short work of his opponents on his way to winning both motos. "I always liked the track here at Aichwald," Boog commented. "I had two great starts and could win without a problem. This has been excellent practice for the next world championship round in Sweden".

Filip Neugebauer, his teammate for the weekend at the Monster Energy Kawasaki Elf Team Pfeil, rode onto the podium with a lot of determination and a 4-5 result. The Czech now sits just three points shy of second place in the series. "Besides my weak start I´m satisfied with the first moto," he said. "In the second race I took too long to make passes. That´s why I finished fifth."

Florent Richier competed for the first time during this ADAC Masters campaign. The Frenchman ended the first moto in third. He had to retire from the second outing with a blood blister in his hand.

Kevin Wouts had two solid rides taking him to seventh place twice. The Belgian expressed dissatisfaction with his starts. "I feel I could be on the podium speed-wise. Not so when I´m rounding lap one in 30th place."

Daniel Siegl was 12th in moto one. A stone hit his hand and he had to retire from race two.
Sulivan Jaulin celebrated his first win in the ADAC Youngster Cup. The French teenager crossed the line directly behind his teammate Boris Maillard in the first moto for third. Jaulin made amends afterwards and stormed to a convincing race and overall victory. "That´s a huge success," he said. "I will practice in the sand and hope to perform well at the next meeting at Tensfeld."

Maillard meanwhile gets back to his old form before the injury. The reigning vice champ finished third overall at Aichwald. "I´m lacking saddle time and therefore some fitness. It´s getting better with each race," he analysed.