3 November 2009 Successful European Press Introduction of the new tourer bike in Tuscany

The new 1400GTR has been tested for the first time on European soil, as journalists from all over Europe gathered for the GTR's press launch in the hills of Tuscany, Italy.
Under changing weather conditions, sometimes dry, sometimes heavy rain, press have extensively tested the novelties that can be found on Kawasaki's tourer bike. Fitted with Kawasaki's first traction control system, KTRC, the 1400GTR performed excellent, even under heavy rainfall and having to cope with slippery road surfaces. 
In addition to this, the second generation K-ACT provided the safe stopping power that was badly needed in the twisties. 

The new heated grips of the GTR were put to good use as well, as temperatures dropped well under the comfort zone sometimes. But, even under these discomforting circumstances, the bike proved to be an outstanding and reliable partner to the press, bringing them home safely every day. 

The first comments after over a week of heavy testing are very positive, especially about the smooth and reassuring performance of KTRC and the improved comfort that is provided by the taller wind screen and the new bodywork.

The test riders, who could make use of the 2009 1400GTR as a reference point, recognised that the new bike is not only more comfortable, but also offers better handling and a superior feel of assurance, making it possible to even enjoy riding under normally stressful conditions - like in the case of this event slippery and wet tarmac. 

The new 1400GTR will hit the stores within a few days from now.