16 September 2011 Strong Kawasaki line-up for 65th Motocross of Nations

A strong Kawasaki line-up for the ‘Olympics of Motocross’ The 65th Motocross of Nations will take place this weekend at Saint Jean d‘Angely (France).
No less than 36 national teams will enter this prestigious event organised on one of the traditional circuits of the FIM Motocross World Championships, including Team USA, winner of the event last year in Lakewood (Colorado). 2011 World Supercross and US Motocross Champion Ryan Villopoto will be leading the American team, and will lead a strong field of Kawasaki riders for this last outdoor event of the season.

For more a decade the Motocross of Nations has been the most important Motocross event on the planet, thanks to the investment of all the national federations which send a team to represent their country in this race for national teams. Kawasaki, at the forefront of the sport all over the world, will be very extremely represented at the Nations, as twenty five riders – representing 23% of the entrants – from seventeen countries will ride a KX450F or KX250F.

Winner of this race in 2006, 2007 and 2008, Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki USA) is back in the US team and will celebrate his double titles, alongside promising Blake Baggett (Kawasaki Pro Circuit) and Ryan Dungey. All of them will make their debut at the French track, though the American team already won the 2000 Motocross of Nations at Saint Jean d’Angely with legendary Ricky Carmichael as captain; winners of 21 Motocross of Nations, including the last six editions, team USA is favourite for the event but will have some strong opposition.

With Christophe Pourcel (Kawasaki CLS) back at the Nations alongside Marvin Musquin and Gautier Paulin, Team France is considered as their main opponent and will be supported by an enthusiast home crowd. Team Great Britain will line up US 250 champion Dean Wilson (Kawasaki Pro Circuit) and Tommy
Searle (Kawasaki CLS), with Tommy riding in the MX1 class one month after a brilliant debut on the KX450 at Hawkstone Park. Italian Davide Guarneri (Bud Kawasaki), Spaniard Jonathan Barragan (Kawasaki KRT) and South African Tyla Rattray (Kawasaki Pro Circuit) are all members of some of the strongest teams; Brazil will line up three Kawasaki riders, while Kawasaki Heavy Industries has two of his factory riders involved in the Japanese team.

On the official YouTube channel of Kawasaki Europe, you can see how Tommy Searle prepares himself for the Motocross of Nations. http://www.youtube.com/kawasakimotors

The World Championship contenders will be hosted by their usual teams, while several Kawasaki structures will give strong support to their famous guests. Team KRT will play host to Ryan Villopoto,
Hiroaki Arai and Takaya Mihara alongside Jonathan Barragan, while Team CLS will welcome Blake Baggett, Dean Wilson, Tyla Rattray under their awning. South America will invade Team Bud, with three Brazilians – Marcello and Eduardo Ferreira de Lima and Antonio Balbi – riders and Tommy Weeck from Puerto Rico.

With at least one of their riders part of the winning team in nineteen of the last thirty editions of the Nations, including an historic triple win in 2008 with Ryan Villopoto, James Stewart and Tim Ferry, Kawasaki is pleased to be so well represented in the event and will support all his riders in their hunt for a 20th win.

Team USA
2. BAGGETT Blake, 250 Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki (Team CLS)
3. VILLOPOTO Ryan, 450 Kawasaki Monster Energy USA (Kawasaki Racing Team)

Team Great Britain
10. SEARLE Tommy, 450 Monster Energy CLS Kawasaki Pro Circuit
11. WILSON Dean, 250 Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki (Team CLS)

Team Italy
15. GUARNERI Davide, 450 Rockstar Bud Racing Lovemytime Kawasaki

Team France
19. POURCEL Christophe, 450 Monster Energy CLS Kawasaki Pro Circuit

Team Puerto Rico
29. WEECK Thomas, 250 Kawasaki (Team Rockstar Bud Racing Lovemytime Kawasaki)

Team Switzerland
31. FURLATO Yves, 450 Kawasaki

Team Spain
37. BARRAGAN Jonathan, 450 Kawasaki KRT

Team Finland
41. SODERBERG Ludvig, 250 Kawasaki ICE1 Racing
42. ERIKSSON Toni, 450 Kawasaki ICE1 Racing

Team Estonia
45. KRESTINOV Gert, 450 Kawasaki LPE UK

Team Latvia
50. IVANOVS Davis, 250 Kawasaki
51. STEINBERGS Ivo, 450 Kawasaki IST T.I.S.C.O Racing

Team Brazil
52. FERREIRA DE LIMA Marcello, 450 Kawasaki (Rockstar Bud Racing Lovemytime Kawasaki)
53. FERREIRA DE LIMA Marcello, 250 Kawasaki (Rockstar Bud Racing Lovemytime Kawasaki)
54. BALBI JR Antonio Jorge, 450 Kawasaki (Rockstar Bud Racing Lovemytime Kawasaki)

Team Japan
56. MIHARA Takaya, 250 Kawasaki KHI (Kawasaki Racing Team)
57. ARAI Hiroaki, 450 Kawasaki KHI (Kawasaki Racing Team)

Team Lithuania
92. GELAZNINKAS Arunas, 450 Kawasaki

Team Russia
115. ASTAYKIN Sergey, 450 Kawasaki

Team South Africa
116. RATTRAY Tyla, 450 Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki (Team CLS)

Team Denmark
121. LYNGGAARD Kasper, 450 Kawasaki

Team Czech Republic
125. NEUGEBAUER Filip, 450 Kawasaki
126. SUKUP Marek, 250 Kawasaki