14 June 2012 Seppi Fally, Kawasaki, wins two rock goblets

The 18th Erzbergrodeo – one of the hardest enduro events in the world
- the 29-year old Seppi Fally dashes past the other 499 riders and
fetches his second Rocket Ride victory after 2010.
The extreme selective steep is divided into 3 parts and separates the
wheat from the caff. Only the 48 fastest riders from the qualification
are allowed to start in the superfinals. Riders from 13 nations fight
for the treasured first rock goblet which was won impressingly by Seppi
Fally who won each of his battles.
1. Seppi Fally (AUT/Kawasaki)
2. Gilles Dejong (BEL/KTM)
3. Mario Hirschmugl (AUT/KTM)

At the legendary Generali Iron Road Prolog on Saturday 1.800 riders
from 39 nations compete at the 14 kilometer ballast to the top of the
mountain at 1.466 m. At this High-Speed race to the top of the Erzberg
mountain Seppi Fally was able to left world elite riders behind and
bream the benchmark of 10:43 on his Kawasaki KX450F into the iron

1. Seppi Fally (AUT/Kawasaki) 10:43,06
DNQ Blaz Legisa (SLO/KTM) 10:43,48 (due to short cut)
2. Lars Enöckl (AUT/KTM) 10:50,38
3. Jonny Walker (UK/KTM) 10:59,59

Seppi Fally: “It’s a very special feeling to held my second rock goblet in my hands after 2009. There are absolut top-class riders at this event – so this victory really means a lot to me.”

The best of the best in Xtreme-Enduro sports stand on top of the 500
riders counting starting grid, who fought on Sunday against the
merciless iron mountain and the very selective track including lots of
fagging from Erzberg mastermind Karl Katoch.

The weather brings an extra spectacular race with continual rainfall
which guaranteed that the 35 kilometer long track will be absolutely
challenging for everybody.

Seppi "I started with number 1 into the Red-Bull-Hare-Scramble where
you have to pass 20 Checkpoints until the end of the race. After a bad
start I was still in top 20 but had a bad crash at checkpoint 8 where my
front brake lever broke. I had to pass the next 3 checkpoints without
front brake– which was really hard! After a repair I resumed the race
and had to stop at checkpoint 13 because the race cancelled due the bad
weather. I achieved P28 in the Hare-Scramble, am completely exhausted
but happy that i fought my way through the iron mountain! "