18 August 2021 Rea goes Retro with his first ever road bike

 Six-time WorldSBK Champion, Jonathan Rea has just taken delivery of his first ever road motorcycle, a 2021 Kawasaki Z900RS.

Having recently undertaken the necessary UK Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), then taken and passed his motorcycle test, 34 year old Rea had the entire landscape of motorcycling to choose from but was focused on the Retro Sport Z900RS from very early on.

“I am lucky enough to get all my high-speed thrills on the KRT Ninja ZX-10RR”, commented Rea.

“I felt that the Z900RS would really match my lifestyle at home away from racing. It’s got a reputation for having a really flexible engine and being easy to handle around town and is street smart and super cool.

“Having the pillion seat means my wife Tarsh and myself can go into town on sunny Sundays and get a coffee and I know she is looking forward to finally joining me on a motorcycle.

“I’ve had loads of off-road bikes, but this is my first ever road bike and I knew straight away what colour combination I wanted, black with green and silver pinstripes. They are super popular but my local dealer, Coleraine Kawasaki, tracked one down for me and it looks even better in the flesh than in pictures.

“I started my Superbike journey with Kawasaki in 2015. Now I have my motorcycle licence, a brand new Z900RS and I’m a member of Club Kawasaki along with thousands of others who buy a new bike each year.

“In terms of the life goals I set myself, this is another box ticked and already I am really enjoying the difference and freedom having a road motorcycle makes compared to a car. As they say at Kawasaki “Let the Good Times Roll”.
Image credit: Stephen Davison – Pacemaker Photography