12 June 2018 New “Shinari influenced” Kawasaki MULE PRO-MX launched

Delivering all the rugged, reliable and adaptable attributes that Kawasaki’s MULE utility vehicle brand is justifiably famous for, the new Kawasaki MULE PRO-MX range for 2019 relies not only on a torque laden 700cc CVT single-cylinder equipped engine but also benefits from the Shinari design philosophy.

Describing how the main frame of the MULE exhibits an elasticity that enables it to bend without breaking and return to its original shape, Shinari is similar to how a hunting bow or fishing pole behaves delivering, in the case of the MULE, pliant, responsive handling allied to a life-long work ethic.

Size-wise the PRO-MX offers a seductive balance between compact and full size UTV’s. Whilst the dimensions are conveniently small, the carrying and towing capacity is seriously impressive at 317kg and 680kg respectively.

Turning in just 4.2m, the PRO-MX has the sort of features previously found on full size machines such as electronic power steering, disc brakes front and rear, independent front and rear suspension, a contoured bench seat and even a tilt adjustable steering wheel.

Now with doors as standard, the convenience extends to an automotive style dashboard, double headlights and a combined storage capacity under the hood and seat of 14.4 litres.

Looking for all the world like a mini pick-up, the MULE PRO-MX range is predicted to find favor not just with commercial customers such as those in the farming community but also hunting and sporting users and those that simply seek the comfort, convenience and durability of this “go anywhere – do anything vehicle”.

Editors notes:
Dimensions: 2,795 mm (110”) long x 1,525 mm (60”) wide x 2,005 mm (79”) wheelbase
Colour – Timberline Green   

Models covered:

Mule PRO-MX 2019
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