19 May 2016 New PRO style MULE SX announced

The compact 2017 model year MULE SX range join their Kawasaki Utility Vehicle stablemates with PRO series inspired updates for the new season.
Offered in two-wheel and four-wheel drive versions, the MULE SX machines pack a considerable punch in terms of carrying and towing capacity. At just 1335mm wide and with an overall length of 2710mm, these workhorses enjoy a 181kg cargo capacity in their tipping load beds combined with a generous 500kg towing capacity.

In terms of looks, the 2017 model year machines have large volume bodywork inspired by the successful PRO series MULE Utility Vehicles, a new LED headlamp design and operator features such as a PRO style dashboard design and a steering wheel configuration which now also includes a handy tilt function.

For operator and passenger alike, the convenience of cup holders and a glove box plus a standard fit DC socket are complemented by generous under-seat storage and a massive 60 litre front storage area.

The dependable, air-cooled 410cc four-stroke OHV power plant is tried, trusted and respected in the Utility Vehicle community being both compact and lightweight. Fed by air supplied via a snorkel intake routed through the overhead protection frame, both MULE SX variants shrug off deep water wading and offer low ground disturbance and impact via load spreading tyres and unlockable rear differentials.

A simple and effective ladder type chassis combines rigidity and ride comfort allied to new front and rear suspension settings increasing stability and off-road bump absorption. The increased pre-load of the front suspension results in an improved front/rear balance while softer rear settings deliver increased ride comfort. 

Detail touches are just as important in terms of everyday usability. Good examples are the new seat material which is resistant to cold and maintains its suppleness at extreme temperatures and the special textured black paint in the cargo bed that offers a degree of “grip” to stop cargo items moving in transit. Allied to an extensive Genuine Accessory range, there is a specification available to suit all users and uses.

Together with the MULE PRO-DXT and PRO-DX the two MULE SX machines available in the European market comprise a four machine Utility Vehicle line-up for Kawasaki in 2017 covering a diverse range of needs and budgets while maintaining Kawasaki’s position as an innovator and major player in the working vehicle market. 

Models covered:

Mule SX 2017
Mule SX
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Mule SX 4x4 2017
Mule SX 4x4
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