8 November 2017 Mr Kazuo Ota delivers EICMA Kawasaki True Commitment keynote speech.

The 2017 EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, Italy played host to no less than three world exclusive unveilings from Kawasaki. Showing a trio of machines “in the flesh” for the very first time an estimated 300 members of the specialist two wheel and lifestyle media had the advantage of seeing Kawasaki’s first motorcycle equipped with electronic suspension, the Ninja ZX-10R SE. 
Additionally Milan with its strong connections to style, fashion and design, was considered a fitting environment in which to unveil the second of two machines in the Z900RS line for the 2018 season. Riding on the crest of a wave of enthusiastic media comments after the debut of the Z900RS modern classic at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Z900RS CAFE basked in the full glare of the media spotlight in Milan.

The trio of new models was fittingly completed with the latest machine in Kawasaki’s  supercharged stable, the much anticipated Ninja H2 SX; an extension to both the popular SX sport touring line and the debut Kawasaki’s balanced supercharger technology.

Delivering the keynote “True Commitment” speech, President of Kawasaki’s Engine and Motorcycle Company, Kazuo Ota, spoke not only of these and other machines that form part of the impressive 2018 line up; he also cast light on future plans for the company revealing a strategic approach considering models from entry level to those incorporating artificial intelligence.

Below please find a transcript of Mr Ota’s speech:     

As President of the Motorcycle and Engine Company I have seen first-hand the True Commitment of my colleagues to develop the new models you will see today and we are currently making plans that stretch far into the future.
Part of those plans is a commitment to entry level machines for those having their first taste of motorcycling. Today I would like to share advance information regarding two new 125cc class machines, illustrating our commitment to the European market.

Offering a distinct riding experience the we feel only Kawasaki can offer, the new Z125 and Ninja 125 projects used European customer focus group information and dealer input as a key part of the development process. These two new models - and others under development – share unique Kawasaki styling, engineering and riding qualities that only we can deliver.  

Brand affinity is something we strive for.  Riding their first ever kilometres on a Kawasaki is a vision we have for people taking to two wheels now and in future. Motorcycles that can either be the only machine that some riders will ever require or act as a stepping stone to larger capacity Kawasakis - we are confident our plans address both needs.
Today I make a promise to our dealers and our fans across Europe…

Both 125cc machines will be unveiled during the 2nd half of 2018!

At the Tokyo Motor Show Kawasaki grabbed headlines with the stunning Z900RS and early news of our next generation Supercharged model to be revealed today. The engine technology we share with you today marks an evolution for our forced induction programme delivering a wider scope of use and versatility. Our commitment in the coming years is to develop and unveil yet more Supercharged models.

KHI is also committed to embracing emerging technologies such as two-way communication and artificial intelligence to enhance the riding and ownership experience

The sheer scope that I have shared with you today illustrates well the sustained growth of the Kawasaki brand by harnessing our collective strength, continuing to respond to, and, in many cases, lead the motorcycle market. This is a sign of our long term commitment.

Enjoy the new models you see today with the reassurance that they represent milestones along a road stretching far into the distance.

I will leave you with that thought… and the promise of our true commitment now and in the future.