11 February 2019 Motocard commitment to KRT extended by two more years

With over a decade of partnership between them, the Kawasaki Racing Team and Motocard have extended their sponsorship relationship for a further two years, underpinning the value that both entities already have and will enjoy in the future.
Alongside the family who founded the enterprise, Motocard now has new, ambitious shareholders in the form of the Abac group who see the partnership with KRT as fundamental to their recently announced ambitious five year growth plan.
The Motocard group, which includes both physical retail stores and a significant on-line retail presence, has a history with the Provec concern that manages Kawasaki’s official World Superbike effort stretching back to the time when the enterprise was competing in World Supersport. 
Harnessing the considerable public presence of a team that has won the rider, team and manufacturer title in World Superbike for an unprecedented four years in a row is just part of the reason that Motocard CEO, Tony Batlló, has ensured the relationship has been extended:   
“After more than 10 years achieving amazing success with Kawasaki and Provec, we feel part of the team. We cannot conceive of Motocard without the Kawasaki Racing Team, as would our customers. We’re excited about the new stage for Motocard, and we feel proud to build on existing strong foundations with a very professional group of people. We share the same passion and values as KRT so we’re sure both of us will do everything needed to continue succeeding in the future.”
On behalf of the Kawasaki Racing Team, Manager, Guim Roda commented:
“The Provec story would not be the same without Motocard. The company believed in the internationalisation of the brand through the Supersport World Championship first and with the opportunity of KRT link in WorldSBK afterwards.
For 2019 a new stage of expansion in Europe was opened for Motocard. The new staff that joined the Motocard project continue to believe in the importance of the Motocard, KRT, Kawasaki relationship. I want to thank Tony Batlló very much. He has just joined Motocard yet his vision and understanding of the brand ensures that we are very happy and proud to renew our association for two more years. We hope to meet our joint expectations in this new stage of the growth of Motocard. "