15 March 2011 Kawasaki’s Villopoto Keeps Win Streak Alive in Indy

Villopoto increased his win streak to three as he took his fifth win of the season on his Kawasaki KX450F. Baggett continued his podium streak and maintained second place in the lites standings.
For the third week in a row, Villopoto earned his place on the top step of the podium with this KX450F after putting in a solid ride on a technical track. He got out to a good start and moved into the lead before the end of the first lap, holding a comfortable lead throughout the entire race. "The track was pretty technical and ended up getting pretty rutted towards the end of the race," said Villopoto. "You really had to stay on top of your game once the track started to break down a little bit. I knew I had a decent lead and I just tried to make sure I didn’t make any big mistakes."

Baggett continued to prove he is a serious contender for the championship for the long haul after scoring his fourth consecutive podium finish on his Kawasaki KX250F. Baggett showed speed all night, starting with a heat race win and then the main event holeshot. He made a small mistake that cost him the lead, but he got up quickly and came across the finish line in third. "It’s not easy to see the win slip away because of a stupid mistake on my part," said Baggett. "I wasn’t able to get into a groove and ride my own race, which seemed to make a difference when I won last week. I am glad to be in the mix of riders for the championship as we reach the halfway point."