8 March 2017 Kawasaki joins Connected Motorcycle Consortium

Kawasaki has joined BMW, Honda and Yamaha in a collaboration to enhance Cooperative-Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) applications in powered two-wheelers (PTWs) by signing up to participate in the Connected Motorcycle Consortium.
As part of the European association of motorcycle manufacturers - or ACEM as it is widely known -  Kawasaki signed the Memorandum of Understanding on C-ITS features and its roll-out from 2020 onwards. Kawasaki is committed to research the possibilities and options for integrating these new technologies into future products to further increase the safety of powered two-wheelers.

The Connected Motorcycle Consortium was announced on October 6th 2015 at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, the world’s largest event for intelligent transport systems and services.

Kawasaki has already joined the Car2Car Communication Consortium in preparation of its Connected Motorcycle Consortium membership.

Kawasaki looks forward to joining the development and successful implementation of C-ITS on motorcycles,” commented Takashi Eguchi, Director Research & Development at Kawasaki Motors Europe NV, adding: ”Kawasaki shares the concerns of the founding companies that the specific requirements of motorcycles are beyond the scope of this Car2Car Communication Consortium and deserves the focused attention of the two-wheel industry.

For more information about the Connected Motorcycle Consortium, please see http://www.cmc-info.net/

* Image: The Kawasaki “J concept” a futuristic three-wheeled vehicle first shown at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show which is designed to be able to adapt to the type of riding the rider wants to do. From city mobility to sportier riding, the riding position and width of the front wheel track can be adjusted to suit the prevailing conditions.