3 July 2012 Kawasaki fans make their way to European Z40 rally

This weekend (6-8 July) will witness a spectacular motorcycle festival in Hemfurth near Kassel, Germany, celebrating the Kawasaki Z1 and forty years of the Z motorcycle series.
With support from Kawasaki via Kawasaki Motors German branch, the event is expected to attract many thousands of motorcycle fans and is likely to be the largest gathering of Z1 models in modern times.

Z1 and other owner groups – including fans of the most recent Z750 and Z1000 machines – are making special efforts to ride to the event from departure points throughout Europe making the long weekend something to remember for years to come.

With a campsite as part of the venue, live bands on both days and many award categories in the concours competition, the event is a fitting celebration of a much loved machine and motorcycle brand according to Andreas Seiler, Press Officer for Kawasaki Motors Germany.

“There has been so much anticipation of this rally and it looks sure to be one of the highlights of the Z40 celebrations. We hope that everyone who attend enjoy themselves and experience the amazing Kawasaki Z feeling for themselves.”

Head of the Z Rally organising committee, Stephan Brede, commented; "It's exciting to be part of the big Kawasaki Anniversary ´40 Years of Z Models´. So far, the response is great. Z Clubs from all over Europe are planning to show up at the location. From what I've heard we expect 2,000 fans at the campground and another 2,000 to 2,500 visitors each day, maybe 10,000 visitors across the whole event is possible."