14 May 2009 Kawasaki dominates Supertest 2009

Yet again Kawasaki has come out on top of all other participating manufacturers in the latest Supertest.

The Ninja ZX-10R won the superbike category for the second year in a row, and the Ninja ZX-6R came a strong second in the Supersport class.

The prestigious internationally organised Supertest was held at the Spanish race track of Almería, in early April. Magazines from all over Europe, Latin America and Japan cooperated in this grueling yearly test of sports bikes from the widest variety of manufacturers.

Machines competed on best and average lap times, but also each bikes’ potential was measured on the Dyno. At Almería – and using the dynamometer that had been set up at the trackside – the Ninja ZX-10R was tested as the strongest superbike, delivering a stunning 190 horsepower at the crankshaft. On the race track, the bike set both the fastest overall lap, as well as the fastest average lap time.

The Ninja ZX-6R was voted to be the best new supersport bike of the year, having also set the fastest lap time in it’s category. The Ninja ZX-6R was ultimately only a few hundredths of a second in average lap time away from top step of the podium and a historic one two for Kawasaki!

Lap times rarely count in real life of course, but even so, the emotions created when taking a sports bike to its limit certainly struck a chord with the testing journalists who rode the bikes.

About the Ninja ZX-10R:
“Totally awesome bike!... Addiction from the first lap!”

“Still the green meanie with the big top-end-boost! The Kawasaki engine is incredible: good midrange grunt, incredible top-end-power.”

About the Ninja ZX-6R:
“What an engine! Strong midrange, excellent top, very fine power pick up, nice slipper clutch. Perfect seating position, sensational balance in chassis with very clear feel from the front. Powerful brakes.”

“Most improved bike within the Supersport category. Very handy, great throttle response, great brakes. The green machine is my favourite for 2009.”