7 June 2018 Kawasaki, DMD, Vans and Canon have combined to promote the motorcycle lifestyle from a female perspective

Hear the roar of motorcycles, and the last thing you may expect to see is a group of beautiful women in bright red lipstick speed past
37-year-old Francesca Lai (Italy), 28-year-old Adriana Pinto Martinez (Spain), 37-year-old Deimante Meilune (UK), 35-years-old Erica Valenti (Australia), 38-years-old Camille Jarnouen (France) are out to break traditional motorcycle stereotypes.

In three days time the ladies will collect their bikes riding from Cannes to St Tropez  riding through the dramatic landscape of Provence.

On Tuesday, June 12th, the crew will  head towards Salon, Arles, Montpellier through the natural park of Narbonne.

Carcassone, Foix and Tarbes will be the next stages of the third day, Wednesday 13th June.

The final destination, Biarritz, will be reached by Thursday 14th June.
Once in Biarritz, the girls will attend the Wheels & Waves show and they will have a special corner dedicated to Road to Wheels & Waves event, inside the DMD tent. The fans will have the possibility to take a picture with them.

Kawasaki is supporting the event with 5 brand new Z900RS motorcycles. All the Z900RS’ are beauties, but one of them is special being fully customised with spoked wheels a special paint scheme and magnificent 4-into-4 exhaust system; a modern tribute to the iconic 1972, Z1.
“Since its launch the Z900RS has been creating waves of interest in the media so what better place to take the modern classic story to the next level than Wheels & Waves event in Biarritz” Commented Marketing Manager of Kawasaki Motors Europe, David Monbertrand. “To have these five female riders on Z900RS motorcycles is great publicity for Kawasaki and motorcycling in general”.
DMD will protect the ladies’ heads with the style of its 2018 collection.

“ We are present from different years at the event and this year we wanted to give importance to the women market - says Davide Stancheris, CEO of DMD. Our customers are man and women that want to enjoy the freedom of riding a motorcycle with safe helmets.”

Vans will be present with its shoes collection and Canon will support with two Digital Imaging Partners, a film maker and a photographer.

The four companies have decided to put their strength together and give the right importance to the new market of women riding and traveling with motorcycles.
Biarritz has not been chosen at random. Wheels and Waves was born 6 years ago and it is one of the biggest motorcycle events in Europe, With more than 20,000 people visiting  the event every year and it is very important for the launch of new products and two-wheeled trends.
Enjoying the ride and their Kawasaki Z900RS machines, the five experienced female bloggers will share news of their progress via social media channels sharing the emotions of their exciting adventure.
All the details about the trip will be shared through the official "Road to Wheels & Waves" social media accounts:

Instagram: @roadtoww
Facebook: @roadtoww