8 October 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS by MRS: A third exceptional collaboration

The custom workshop MRS Oficina and Kawasaki France have collaborated for the third time to create the Z900RS by MRS: the Vintage Z900RS model transformed into a unique Café Racer. 
After a Kawasaki Vulcan S transformed into a Café Racer two years ago, and the famous Z650 naked bike in a beautiful flat track style theme in 2017, MRS is back on the scene today presenting a project based on the new Kawasaki Z900RS. 
Creativity, sportsmanship, elegance and attention to detail are the key words of this new vision. A sumptuous result made possible thanks to a completely handmade craft work, precision made pieces, and a deep passion of the creators of the machine. 
MRS Oficina explains: "When the Z900RS was unveiled in 2017 at the Milan Motorcycle Show, I immediately wanted to prepare a bike from that base. The original model really appealed to me, and although I did not know if somebody were going to contact me for a new project, I instinctively imagined the result I could achieve. Finally, Kawasaki France once again trusted me to achieve this third collaboration. 
The Kawasaki Z900RS refers to the mythical Z1 of the 70s and I am very happy to add my personal touch. I tried to keep many original parts such as the headlight and the fork, so there was a lot of work to harmonize the modifications and the original parts, and I hope that the final result will please the public".