6 October 2016 Ignite the Fun - Kawasaki introduces Jet Ski SX-R

As pioneers of mass produced personal watercraft, Kawasaki created an iconic brand with Jet Ski, so much so that the name itself has become a generic term used by many for all such craft.
With a strong heritage in the stand-up watercraft segment and countless race wins and championships, Kawasaki has now moved the category to the next level with the announcement of the SX-R, a four stroke, 1498cc four cylinder solo with a phenomenal 152 horsepower making it the fastest accelerating mass-produced stand up ever.

As the previous 800cc two-stroke, two cylinder SX-R gives way to the new era of four stroke stand up, technology moves on. With a newly designed hull, the machine is the first Jet Ski to feature a Kawasaki Splash Deflector (KSD): a lateral strip on the forward section of the hull which reduces water splash, especially at speed and in rough water.

With a top speed of 100kph the SX-R is not simply about headline figure performance; a motocross style handlebar points towards the sporting intent of the machine while clever features abound such as  the forward slant of the deck, making it easier for riders to brace against the SX-R’s strong acceleration.

Proving that over 40 years of Jet Ski design, research and development can create the definitive solo personal watercraft, the new SX-R has both the performance personality and rider features befitting a new benchmark which is set to “Ignite the fun”.  

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SX-R 2017
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