6 November 2018 Hyper Touring pinnacle targeted by new Ninja H2 SX SE+

With the stated intent to “Supercharge your journey”, the third iteration of the successful Ninja H2 SX family has been dubbed the Ninja H2 SX SE+.
Targeting the heights of touring excellence, the Supercharged 998 cm3 machine has been conceived to be equally at home dismissing hundreds of highway kilometers or a complete range of mountain roads in a single day.
Literally a “tour de force”, the Ninja H2 SX SE+ features the most advanced array of rider aids yet assembled on a Kawasaki tourer. Headed up by KECS electronic control suspension, the new system has ability to adjust from the handlebar, or as part of a suite of functions offered by Kawasaki’s new Bluetooth rider-to-machine Rideology App.
The functionality of the App expands way beyond suspension adjustment and includes machine logs, service interval reminders, riding logs and even a note of received incoming calls and emails.
Adding to the smartphone pairing function and information screens, the colour TFT meter panel of Kawasaki’s hyper tourer shows an array of functions from the expected to such engaging features as bank angle, supercharger boost indicator, average fuel consumption plus a handy economical riding indicator for when “full gas” turns to “frugal”.
Counting on its accomplished trellis style chassis for confidence inspiring handling, the job of halting progress in 2019 has been allocated to Brembo’s latest Stylema front calipers which boast cooler, more consistent operating temperatures plus an even more direct feel at the brake lever.
Additionally, the Ninja H2 SX SE+ also benefits from body panels treated with Kawasaki’s new Highly Durable Paint that allows minor scuffs to self-repair thanks to a layer of paint which acts like a trampoline absorbing abrasions and then flowing back into the damaged areas.
Boasting – or should that be boosting? – a balanced Supercharged engine, the 100% in-house designed and manufactured integrated supercharger has been fine tuned to offer not simply incredible high rev performance but also manageable low and mid speed response plus remarkable fuel economy, surely the best of all possible worlds.

Available with “clean fit” accessory panniers that do nothing to disturb the sleek lines of the machine, the sheer quality of components, design and staggering all round ability of the Ninja HS SX SE already wrote a new page in the hyper sports touring book, now the Ninja H2 SX SE+ is destined to add not another page but an entire chapter.

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