1 June 2021 2022 KX250 and KX450 unveiled

Acquiring upgrades from the larger capacity stable for the current model year, the 2022 KX250 maintains the same specification for the new season adding continuity to an incredibly successful KX model.

With its powerful liquid-cooled four-stroke engine, thanks to Ninja finger follower valve technology, the KX250 is both lithe and robust, ready to offer sublime ergonomics and precision allied to season long durability.

The recent adoption of a KX450 specification swinging arm and hydraulic clutch are allied to the larger machine’s frame layout to create a world class package that focuses equally on all areas whether engine, chassis, ergonomics or braking.

Upgrades to the engine including revised valve springs, exhaust cam timing and combustion chamber design are all retained for 2022 creating continuity in the KX line and employing the time-honoured philosophy “If it ain’t broke why fix it?”.
For the senior class machine, the same thought process is employed for 2022 with the KX450 entering the showrooms with a spec that includes the recent adoption of a dry film lubricant coating on the piston skirt reduces friction between the piston and cylinder wall plus mods to the clutch replacing the clutch’s coil spring with coned-disc springs resulting in a lighter clutch actuation when the lever has been pulled in, and a wider clutch engagement range.

Now is the time to riders to plan the season ahead and to grab a slice of expert class success on the new KX450!

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KX250 2022
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KX450 2022
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