Winch (Warn 2500Lb/1134kg)

Includes roller fairlead and mechanical brake for blade use. Ergonomic freewheel clutch handle. Sealed all metal drive train and housing.
For some vehicles, winch mounts may be necessary.

Mule 4010 requires: KAF40-014
Mule 600+610 requries: KAF600-020+32190-0639+KAF600-021
Brute force 750 (MY 12-16) requires: K99994-0318
Brute force 650 (MY 11-13) requires: K11054-1632
Brute force 750 (MY 08-11) requires: K11054-1632
Brute force 650 (MY 05-13) requires: BF650-001