Genuine chain and sprocket kits

Genuine Kawasaki chain kit containing engine Sprocket, washer, rear sprocket, nuts and cotter pin etc.
This complete package from Kawasaki contains all the qualified genuine parts required for correct drive chain
replacement for popular models.
- Edge-Cut inner plate for reduced friction and smooth engagement with sprocket.
- Lightened pin with special surface for increased hardness and longer chain life.
- High grade X-Ring seals for reduced friction and improved wear resistance.
Compared to aftermarket kits, the genuine kits have the advantage of a rubber coated front sprocket, that will make the chain operation much more quiet. Somebody who has been running an aftermarket kit will know this difference.
The new chain kits have the recognizable green Kawasaki branded packaging.
Part No.               Model                                Modelyear                          Modelcode
99996-5011         Z800                                   2013MY - 2016MY            (ZR800A/B/C/D/E/F)
99996-5013         Z1000SX                            2011MY - 2019MY            (ZXT00G/H/L/M/W)
99996-5016         Versys 1000                       2012MY - 2016MY            (LZT00A/B)
99996-5018         Z900RS/Café                     2018MY -                           (ZR900C/E/K/N)
99996-5019         Z900                                   2017MY -                           (ZR900B/D/F/M)
99996-5022         Ninja H2 SX                       2018MY -                           (ZXT02A/B/D/P/R)
99996-5023         Vulcan S                            2015MY -                           (EN650A/B/C/D/E/J)
99996-5027         Ninja 1000SX                     2020MY-                            (ZX1002K)
99996-5028         Z400/Ninja 400                  2018MY - 2022MY            (ER400D/EX400G)
Part No.               Model                                 Modelyear                    Modelcode
99996-5024         ER-6n/f                              2010MY - 2016MY            (ER650C/D/E/F, EX650C,D,E,F)
99996-5024         Versys/Versys650             2011MY - 2021MY            (LE650C/D/E/F)
99996-5025         Z650/Ninja650                  2017MY - 2019MY            (ER650H/EX650K)
99996-5026         Z650/Z650RS/Ninja650    2020MY-                            (ER650K/ER650M/EX650M)