Worldwide communication and the internet makes buying a motorcycle, ATV, Utility Vehicle or Jet Ski from half way across the world seem like a piece of cake. But there are a few things you should know before engaging in such a project.

First of all, what is the country of origin? If the product is purchased from within the EU and originally placed on the market by Kawasaki Motors Europe NV (KME) or one of its official representatives, it will comply with EU regulations. You should therefore make certain that you receive all the necessary (original) documentation.

However, products originally destined for other world markets, such as Japan, USA, Canada or South East Asia, do not automatically comply with EU regulations and may not produce the same power as EU models. They may require additional testing and/or modifications before they can be put into service in the EU.

From January 1st, 2010, if you, as a private person, import a product from outside the EU, you are also responsible for putting it into service in the EU and must keep the relevant documentation for 10 years. Even if you have sold the product, you must keep it for future reference. Be aware that you may also be purchasing a product which has been imported by a third party (a trader) who tries to pass off the product as being compliant.

Note: If you are moving or relocating from a non-EU country into the EU and the Motorcycle, ATV, PWC or UV has been part of your household in the country of origin, special rules may apply.

Please also remember that Kawasaki Motors Europe may not carry unique spare parts for models which are imported from outside the EU.

Imports Q&A

Motorcycles: Motorcycles which are privately imported from outside the EU cannot be provided with a Certificate of Conformity by KME as these products are not in compliance with EU type approval
If the motorcycle is bought from within the EU and originally imported by KME it should come with a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) together with the registration documents. Always ask for an original CoC (which is on green, watermarked Kawasaki paper), do not accept any copy as it may be used to try to pass off a non-European specification bike as an official import. This could result in major problems when trying to register it in your own country.

Jet Ski Personal Watercraft (PWC)
Any privately imported Jet Ski from outside the EU must undergo a Post Constructional Assessment (PCA). This must be conducted by a Notified Body and will involve testing of your newly purchased product. For further details see: EU requirements for recreational craft
Note that any second hand PWC dating from before 01.01.2006 will not pass the PCA

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV)
Kawasaki does not sell EU type approved ATVs. We therefore can not provide a CoC for any ATV.

Utility Vehicles (UV / RUV).
Kawasaki does not sell EU type approved Utility Vehicles or Recreational Utility Vehicles. We therefore can not provide a CoC for any Utility Vehicle